My blog discusses a variety of ideas and methods of creating colorful art. I like to share new methods of painting or making interesting artistic pieces which I am always searching for. I enjoy using different mediums and painting various subjects as you can probably tell when looking at my website. Although I do not write a blog on a daily basis, I write my blog when I feel there is something interesting or new that other artists would like to know.

Local Outdoor Art Shows

| 09 March, 2018 20:13


Last weekend, March 3-4, I participated in an outdoor art festival held in Goodland, Florida.  Weather was absolutely gorgeous

and visitors and artists alike were raving about the beautiful weekend.  I enjoyed meeting the visitors, especially those who were

visiting from the north, trying to escape the cold weather up there at this time.  

My schedule for the remainder of August is listed below in case you are coming to visit the Marco Island area this month.

Saturday, March 17th: Left Bank Festival at the Marco Island Center for the Art

Saturday, March 24th: Brushes & Paint Outdoor Art Show at the Marco Island Historical Musuem