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Category: Abstract Paintings

Art Shows In The Home

| 09 October, 2018 09:14

I have found that having a private art show in my home to be a very successful and enjoyable experience.  Rather than just inviting previous customers, art enthusiasts and friends to the event, one should consider having other types of artists to also show their unique work at the home art show.  This makes it more fun for the guests and doesn't put pressure on the guests to buy from you.  I never want to put guests in a situation that they feel pressured to buy my artwork.  Refreshments during the event always is  included.

Last year four artists from our community decided to have a home art show in our homes at the same time; that is, on a Sunday from 11 - 4:30.  It was a private event, with invitations given to friends, previous customers and people who we knew loved art.  Guests were also encouraged to bring their friends with them.  Each home had three different types of artists with their work displayed around the home. For example, I had an artist displaying her pottery, another artist displayed her oriental styled collages and encaustices, and I displayed my more traditional paintings of the local scenes.  It was a great success, and visitors told us how much they loved it! 

This year we are planning to do the same event with more artists joining us in the same four homes. I shall have a photographer, a potter, a fiber artist and myself showing art in my home during the event.  Art will be displayed on the walls, on easels both in and outside on the back lanai, on tables and shelves, and my small studio will also be open to the guests.

Here is the front of the invitation showing the twenty local artists' type of work that will be part of this event. As you can see, we have many types of artists joining in this Art at Home show. When artists work together, they are more successful!




Realistic Abstracts

| 05 May, 2018 11:07

Realistic abstracts are contemporary abstract paintings that remind the viewer of a realistic setting or object.  Many people, when looking at an abstract painting, identify specific parts of the painting that look like a real object, scene or person.  I tend to paint these types of paintings, especially when painting scenes of Florida.  Such is the newest abstract that I recently finished. 

Called "Sky & Water", one can easily identify the general scene of Florida's billowy clouds, the water meeting the sky and the sea grasses often found in the shallow water near the shore.  Painted on a square canvas, this acrylic painting becomes more fun to look at day by day. The reflection of the sky on the water with its pink, and various hues of blue, tie it all together..

You can learn more about this 24"x24" acrylic painting at my website:


Local Outdoor Art Shows

| 09 March, 2018 20:13


Last weekend, March 3-4, I participated in an outdoor art festival held in Goodland, Florida.  Weather was absolutely gorgeous

and visitors and artists alike were raving about the beautiful weekend.  I enjoyed meeting the visitors, especially those who were

visiting from the north, trying to escape the cold weather up there at this time.  

My schedule for the remainder of August is listed below in case you are coming to visit the Marco Island area this month.

Saturday, March 17th: Left Bank Festival at the Marco Island Center for the Art

Saturday, March 24th: Brushes & Paint Outdoor Art Show at the Marco Island Historical Musuem

Annual Holiday Arts Festival Is Coming December 2nd

| 23 November, 2017 10:40

Wesley United Methodist Church on Marco Island, Florida will have their third annual "Holiday Arts Festival" on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 at 350 S. Barfield Drive from 10 - 4.  This is a unique art show because there is no fee for artists to participate.  Each year we find more artists signing up to join us in the fun.

A free lunch consisting of beef hotdogs, chips, homemade cookies, fruit and drink will be served to all artists and visitors by the church.  We also have many wonderful volunteers to help artists and make our visitors feel welcome.  Any donations received will be given to our local Marco Island Center for the Arts to use for their children's art classes.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the festival on December 2nd.

Here are a few pictures from our 2016 festival:





New Type of Art Show

| 17 November, 2017 10:13

Wouldn't an art show in one's home be better than trying to show your art in an outdoor are event or a gallery?

Well, that's what a friend of mine and I have been pondering for several years.  And on Sunday, November 12th, we had our first Home Art Show in our homes.  It was a private event, with invitations given to friends and acquaintances and art lovers we knew.  And it surprised us how well it was received!!  Four artists homes were open with refreshments for 5 hours.  Each home had three different types of artists showing and selling their artwork. Our guests loved it and sales were good!  It provided  a home environment for our guests to actually see what the artwork looked liked in a home and on the walls.  We had a steady stream of guests beginning at 11:00.

I know we are going to continue these art shows at least annually in our homes.  

Here is a photo of me(first on the left) and the other two artists who showed their work in my home. We are tired but happy at the end of a very successful show.