My blog discusses a variety of ideas and methods of creating colorful art. I like to share new methods of painting or making interesting artistic pieces which I am always searching for. I enjoy using different mediums and painting various subjects as you can probably tell when looking at my website. Although I do not write a blog on a daily basis, I write my blog when I feel there is something interesting or new that other artists would like to know.

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Abstract Paintings Are All So Different

| 04 August, 2017 21:16


This is my newest abstract painting named 'Panorama'!  It has the primary colors of blue, yellow and red which sweep 

across this 12" x 36" canvas.  Look closely and you will see other colors created by combining the primary colors

to create oranges and greens and purple.


I enjoy abstract art.  It gives the viewer such a unique combination to enjoy and everytime one looks at an abstract painting,

new shapes and color relationships are seen.  A painting such as this will really change the look of a wall or room, and cause 

some excitement to the eye.


Go to to see more abstracts. 

Modern Paintings of Women

| 19 July, 2017 14:57


Nowadays there is an interest in paintings depicting women in creative ways.  I am not sure how this got started, but paintings of women is now very popular, especially if it is unique.  This is my most recent painting, depicting a beautiful woman with expressive eyes, with a rainbow of bright, intense colors.  Her long hair is blowing in the breeze.  It was a lot of fun to paint, because I had to use my imagination and creativity to come up with the various colors and tones that would  be interesting and pleasing to the eye.

I painted another woman walking on the beach about a year ago that is a similar type of painting with unusual colors and an abstract background.  These paintings require much more to create as the artist's imagination must come alive with different colors and application techniques.  But what fun it is!

Both paintings are painted with acrylic paint, which I prefer to use when painting this type of  work.  It dries fast and produces such vibrant colors.


 Both paintings are available on my website,, including prints.

Stories Behind the Art

| 12 July, 2017 17:14

This month the Marco Island Center for the Arts is hosting a unique art show called 'The Story Behind the Art'.  The artwork includes work that has a special story behind it with written narratives posted by each piece.  It is very interesting to be able to read about what the artist was experiencing or thinking when the art was created.  I'm sure every visitor will enjoy the show and the opportunity to understand the thought behind the art more clearly.


"Watching You" Whimsical Painting Prints Available

| 08 July, 2017 11:08

Burrowing Owl paintings are quite popular because people love these darling owls so much!  

This colorful painting has sold.but if you are one of those people , let me know

and I will create  a burrowing owl painting especially for you by calling 239-389-0280.

Or you can order a print from my website,  You  can 

find this painting by clicking on GALLERIES and then click on WILDLIFE. 

You can pick the size of print you want, and even order it matted and framed.

It's amazing how one can buy artwork online!!

New Art Shows at Marco Island Center for the Arts

| 30 June, 2017 11:08

Entering local art shows is important to let your community get to know you and your work.  Most larger communities have an art center or art league that provides art classes, events and opportunities for artists.  

I am fortunate to have had the support of the Marco Island Center for the Arts ever since I first  began taking painting classes.  It has lately expanded its events to include not only monthly visual art shows in their main gallery, but also musical programs for the community in the same gallery.  A great variety of classes is also offered throughout the year.

This month the Marco Island Center for the Arts is hosting an art show called 'The Story Behind The Art".  Intake was June 29th, and the show will open on July 5th - 28th.  A reception is scheduled for Tuesday, July 11th at 5:30.  If you are in the area, please come.