My blog discusses a variety of ideas and methods of creating colorful art. I like to share new methods of painting or making interesting artistic pieces which I am always searching for. I enjoy using different mediums and painting various subjects as you can probably tell when looking at my website. Although I do not write a blog on a daily basis, I write my blog when I feel there is something interesting or new that other artists would like to know.

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You Are Invited To Our Pop-Up Gallery

| 12 March, 2015 21:20

Making a Painting of My Grandson

| 09 March, 2014 19:43

My grandson is having his 14th birthday next week.  I wanted to do something special for him this year, and decided that I would paint a picture of him as a baseball player.  He plays other sports, but baseball is his favorite and one that he has been in since he was about 5 years old.  Each year he plays on a team that father's in the community run because the public school doesn't offer this until high school.

I referred to a photo that was taken last year. He is wearing his team uniform, hat, baseball shoes and is standing with his bat ready to go.

The first thing which I did was to put a basecoat of acrylic paint(burnt sienna  & white) on the entire canvas which is a 24"x12" gallery wrapped canvas.  Then I drew the figure with a dark blue watercolor pencil.  I drew a grid on the photo and also on my canvas to help me with the drawing so that the body was in the correct proportions.  Once I was happy with the drawing, I painted the skin and clothes first.

The photograph had a fence, grass and a wall in the background, but I decided to keep the background very simple so that the figure was the main subject in the painting.

This will be packed up and mailed to my grandson who lives in Pennsylvania so that he will receive this for his birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  It is my hope that he will always keep this painting to remember his grandmother.

Sunset At Residents' Beach Painting Completed

| 15 August, 2013 16:07

Stage Two

| 11 August, 2013 15:29

Now I begin painting over the underpainting with oil paints.

Colorful Acrylics

| 06 March, 2013 13:59

In an effort to create brighter and looser paintings, I am experimenting with acrylics along with different means to apply the paint.  Acrylics are waterbased, odorless and a very versatile medium. Heavy body acrylics are good for creating texture in a painting, but they can be diluted with water for washes of color.

This painting was created using a palette knife, paint brushes, bubble wrap and paper towel to apply the paint.  Painting with a palette knife requires more paint than when one paints with a brush, but gives such bright opaque colors.  The bubble wrap is great for providing more texture.