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Painting Water

| 05 April, 2017 13:51

Recently I took some painting classes from Marco Bronzini, a well respected artist who gives classes in Naples, FL.  He guided me as I painted two paintings of water from photographs I had taken of our local beaches.  He helped me to distinguish between the various colors of the water and taught me how to mix greyer colors that often appear in photographs of the Gulf of Mexico.  The color burnt sienna is very useful in greying colors to make them more natural looking.  I also learned to stand back, way back, from my canvas so that I held my long handled brush near its end.  This makes a big difference in the strokes a painter makes on the canvas, keeping the painting more relaxed or 'loose'.  


This is one of the paintings I did during my classes.  It is a 22 x 28 oil painting on a 2" gallery wrapped canvas.  It took many hours to paint  and is still drying.  Can you feel the motion of the water and waves in it?

I recommend continuing to take painting classes for all painters. We will never learn everyting we need to continue to grow as artists and expand our styles.