My blog discusses a variety of ideas and methods of creating colorful art. I like to share new methods of painting or making interesting artistic pieces which I am always searching for. I enjoy using different mediums and painting various subjects as you can probably tell when looking at my website. Although I do not write a blog on a daily basis, I write my blog when I feel there is something interesting or new that other artists would like to know.

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Annual Holiday Arts Festival A Success!!

| 15 December, 2017 19:48

This is the third year for this unique outdoor art show which is sponsored by our local church on Marco Island. It is an outreach program for the local community through the arts by Wesley United Methodist Church. 

It is unique because there is no fee for the artists to participate in the show.  All they have to do is complete a registration form giving their address, email, website, phone number and the type of art they make.  All art must be original, and made by the artist.

Second, the church provides a free lunch during the festival to all visitors and the artists. It consists of a hotdog and bun, cookies, chips, fruit and a soda or water.  Any donations made are then given to the local Marco Island Center for the Artists to support the art classes they offer to local children.  This year the donations were over five hundred dollars.

And third, the church choir and other members come and sing Christmas carols while they walk through the festival.  Everyone seems to enjoy this part of the festival, and like to take pictures of the singers.

Each year the festival improves and has more artists and visitors.  We are hoping it continues to grow and that the community shows more and more support each year.

Here are a few photos of this year's festival held on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017.


Hyla Crane, Director of our local Center for the Arts.


Church members at the Welcome Table.



Here I am with my husband, trying to find some shade during the show.











A New Home Art Show Event

| 17 November, 2017 10:43

Wouldn't an art show in one's home be better than trying to show your art in an outdoor are event or a gallery?

Well, that's what a friend of mine and I have been pondering for several years.  And on Sunday, November 12th, we had our first Home Art Show in our homes.  It was a private event, with invitations given to friends and acquaintances and art lovers we knew.  And it surprised us how well it was received!!  Four artists homes were open with refreshments for 5 hours.  Each home had three different types of artists showing and selling their artwork. Our guests loved it and sales were good!  It provided  a home environment for our guests to actually see what the artwork looked liked in a home and on the walls.  We had a steady stream of guests beginning at 11:00.

I know we are going to continue these art shows at least annually in our homes.  

Here is a photo of me(first on the left) and the other two artists who showed their work in my home. We are tired but happy at the end of a very successful show.

Everyone Loves Roosters!

| 21 October, 2017 20:40

Rooster paintings are still very popular.  Their colorful feathers bring beautiful shades of red, yellow, brown, white, and even blue to light up a room.  We often associate these kinds of paintings with a kitchen, probably because we love to eat chicken  here in America and, of course, eggs for breakfast.

This is one of my newest paintings with brighter than normal red and blue feathers against a light backdrop.  It's a 'fun painting', meant to bring a smile or a happy feeling to the viewer.  So if you need a rooster in your home, here's one to brighten your day.

For more information, go to to see this painting and many others to make you smile!!!!!!!

After Hurricane Irma

| 11 October, 2017 20:05

It has been exactly one month since Hurricane Irma hit Marco Island.  A lot of clean up has been done by the residents with big piles of debris still sitting along the roads, waiting for pickup.  The air is cleaner, many tarps are on roofs and people are smiling again, looking forward to completely taking care of the damage, if any, which occured to their homes or condos.This was the scene of the front of our home,where my art studio is located,when we returned after the hurricane.  Our beautiful large Queen Palm fell on our roof, and slid down the roof onto our porch. The roof and gutters were damaged, and broken roof tile laid all over our yard.  However, we felt very blessed to find that no water was in our home.  The storm surge predicted for Marco Island never happened.  Other communities did have a storm surge, including Goodland, which is just beside Marco Island.  Somehow, we were spared.

Our Queen Palm was removed two days after Irma blew through, and turned into sawdust by ABC Landscaping.  Now a new roof is needed which is in the works.


A Whimsical Painting

| 18 June, 2017 17:38

Recently our local Marco Island Center for the Arts invited artists to show their artwork in their June art show with a theme of "Whimsy".  I asked my friend what kind of painting would fall under this theme.  She suggested it would be a fun painting, with a sense of pretending or fantasy. So I searched though my more recent paintings to see if there was one that would fit under this theme of "Whimsy".  I only found one that would fit this general description and this is the acrylic painting that I entered in the show which ran from June 5 -27, 2017.



Each year I paint a different version of the cute burrowing owls that we are so lucky to have living on Marco Island.  People love them.  From January to July, these small owls nest in the sandy ground on our island, often in empty lots.  They are protected and their nests are roped off so that they will not be bothered by passerbys.  Usually around March or April, we will start to see their babies start to come out of the nest.  This year I decided to paint a burrowing owl with primary colors, and apparently the judge of this show liked it, for he gave it an Honorable Mention.

Don Long, the judge of the exhibit, described 'whimsy' as carefree, innocent fun.  He explained that the award winners were the best at combining three key creative elements: a twist to the otherwise ordinary, the tantilizing abilities of color, and a tease, inviting one to come and look a little closer.  A sort of visual cotton candy.

You can see my  painting, called "Watching You" on my website at  It is a square painting on canvas with a gold frame(16" x 16").  It was fun to paint and hopefully will bring enjoyment to someone who decides to make it their own.