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Category: Seashells

Painting Shells

| 27 December, 2017 18:08

One  thing I have learned is that people love collecting shells and love paintings of shells too.

When painting shells, don't be afraid to use a lot of different colors, even colors that are not usually found 

in that particular type of shell.  Have fun with color, and a variety of colors.  Also be creative in choosing the 

background color of your shell painting.  This is one subject that you can really play with.


 This acrylic painting on canvas is an example of using color with sand dollars which usually are white or cream.

I chose a palette of yellow, blue and red to make these sand dollars colorful and fun. The very dark holes in the sand

dollars help the viewer to know what type of shell it is.  It is painted on a 12x24 inch canvas and framed on top, Yes, on top

of a gold frame with a unique design.  For more information, go to my website,, to learn more about

this special painting, made for those who love seashells and color.