People tend to stop at the beaches to watch the sunset at Marco Island.  They snap pictures as the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico.  At the moment that the sun slips away below the horizon, the crowd often  breaks out with applause.

The beauty of the sunset, the moving water, the clouds in the sky and the animals that share the paradise of Marco Island speak to our souls like few things do.  This wonder of God's creation can cause us to pause and remember what is truly important.  It reminds us that there is a Creator that loves us.

I think that is why I continue to paint the nature I see around me.  I love the world that God has created with all its variety and color.  Nothing can compare.  

It is through the paint brush and a variety of mediums that I create paintings which record this beauty.  Hopefully it will inspire you and help you also experience His creations.  Enjoy the view.







This photograph shows the ibis feeding at our local beach,
called Tiger Tail Beach.